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High Temps can lead to Heat Stress!

Heat Stroke is a condition arising from extremely high body temperature (rectal temperature above 105 degrees Fahrenheit), which leads to nervous system abnormalities that may include lethargy, weakness, collapse or coma. The greatest risk for heat stroke in animals is similar to the risk in humans, and includes puppies and kittens, geriatiric pets, pets who are overweight, pets who are excessively active (playing or working) in the heat of the day, breeds of dogs or cats with flattened faces (Persians, Bulldogs, etc), dogs with heavy coats and pets who are ill or are on certain medications.

What can you do to prevent Heat Stroke?
-Have your long haired or thick coated pets professionally groomed
-Avoid walks or playtime outside in the heat of the day
-Keep fresh cool water available to pets outside and inside. Some pets will enjoy a small plastic pool to lie in during the heat of the day
-Watch you outdoor pet for signs of heat stress or heat stroke.
-Call your veterinarian immediately if you are concerned your pet may becoming heat stressed.

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